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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Visiting at Gramma's...

When we arrived for our visiting day at Gramma and Derby's house, Day went straight for Derby's water dish and Play went straight for Derby's toy basket to start sorting... toys for each of his favourite spots, toys to hide in spaces Uncle Derby can't fit into and all the chewing bones in a private pile for his paws ONLY... Good thing Uncle Derby is patient about sharing MOST things!


Talk about three excited boys when Aunty Nan showed up to have lunch with us!!!

After Aunty Nan left to go back to work, Cousin Ally finally decided to roll out of bed, rise and shine... she wasn't so keen on Play and his demands, though.
Once Cousin Ally had enough of being pushed around, Day was hoping he could slip into her spot and cuddle with his brother... but Play, not having been given the proper tummy rub he had wanted, wasn't exactly in the cheeriest sharing mood.....

Derby and Gramma saved the day with a treat turnaround!

And finally, the boys had forgiven and forgotten and sharing was again on their agenda, yay!


Derby had a LOT to tell his brother-in-law about what his sons had done during their day of taking over his usually quiet space...

When it was time to say goodnight and head home, Day decided we should make this super fun day
and everyday kind of thing!