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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A PlayDay Thanksgiving weekend...

The PlayDay Duo had a busy but fun Thanksgiving weekend and boy, this Mama is beyond thankful just for getting to share it all with them!

There wasn’t much chirpin’ happening when they were busy taste-testing the mashed potatoes...

...or even awhisper of complaint when they were enjoying their special Thanksgiving treat-dinner of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, carrots, squash and dinner rolls.

We were all pretty tired after two full days of cooking and visiting with family and friends but had some end-of-season cleanup to do in getting organized for winter. We are very fortunate to have boys who love to help with all the house and yard work!

They helped with cleaning and organizing the screened room...

...and they helped Dad with cleaning and organizing the workshop cupboards so we could put all the pool supplies away for the year while Mama mowed the lawn.

And then they had some fun in the sun in their freshly mowed back yard...

Because the boys had been working so hard all weekend long, they decided that an ice cream run was more than well-earned... and they were very polite and patient while waiting for their dad to deliver their sweet treats!

Mama had just one more plan for a special Thanksgiving family picture at camp... but by then the boys had had just about enough of being helpful... we tried.

Derby was totally game for a special Thanksgiving picture with his big sister...

But when it was Gramma and Uncle Derby’s turn for their Special Thanksgiving picture... Day still didn’t feel like cooperating.

We did eventually get a perfect picture of Gramma and Uncle Derby as well as one good family picture for us, so everything did manage to work out... thankfully!

Thanksgiving weekend was a beautiful one for us all and that is the most important part of all! Whether or not you celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend, we sure hope you had a beautiful weekend, too!!


  1. Ahhhhh, a Playday fix! I really love your blog--I went back and read it from the beginning this past weekend. Thank you for sharing your work!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn, these silly boys do love to share their fun! 😃

  2. Another greyt episode! Can't wait for the next one.......

  3. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving photos but now I am craving turkey and dressing!

    1. Thank you!! I say GO for it... on an easier scale I’m sure a simple baked turkey breast topped with dressing would totally hit the spot! 😉