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Monday, October 2, 2017

Campfire PlayDays...

The Duo and their Uncle Derby all had their dinner and then watched and waited patiently while their people cooked their dinner over the campfire... it's just safer for everyone that way... Uncle Derby is a refuser of oudoor beds and instead likes the cool patio to sit or lay on; not really a surprise he enjoys the cool with such a heavy coat!

When it was safe for the boys to join in on campfire time, they did... but not everyone was so keen to partake.....

Uncle Derby wasn't so into looking at the campfire BUT he was totally into starting the campfire singing rounds.......

When darkness began to set in... so did the worry of unseen forest creatures!


  1. I can only dream of weather cool enough for a fire! S'mores sound delicious to me.

    1. Yeah... s’mores are pretty tough to beat but a campfire in the heat wouldn’t be so fun. Here’s hopin’ for just enough cool weather to find you and give you a marshamllow-roasting chance! 😃